Who We ARe

SELENIA ITALIA is a Company founded in 1991 by Andrea Posarelli. It is a family-owned business that has been operating in the Professional Aesthetics field realizing high efficiency and reliability products, created to provide an added value to the Aesthetics Professionals and to guarantee great results to the consumers.

Behind the glamorous products stands a solid and modern Company, guided with commitment and dedication by Posarelli’s family who shares values, traditions, culture, experiences and its vision with its employees, partners and clients , with the aim of creating a chain of Value where all the components have benefits, advantages and pleasure in working together.


“Beauty can change people’s lives”

For over 25 years we have been working to “give the possibility to any woman and man” to be beautiful improving health, skin, body with high intensity treatments with high aesthetic value.


Responsibility, respect, constructiveness, excellence and beauty are our values. Every day we work so that the quality of our products, services and relations reflects these values.



We believe in people, the most valuable asset in our Company. We offer to our employees a healthy, respectful and creative environment where to grow and improve.



Every day we work putting soul and passion in everything we produce in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction with our clients.



We respect the environment and the physiological rhythm of human beings. We do not test our products on animals. We promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Research and Development

Each phase of research, development, design, production and  testing is done at our headquarters  where specialized personnel, in cooperation with an ethic committee composed by doctors, engineers and technicians, dedicates every day to the study and realization of new products and a constant refinement of the existing ones.

We strive for excellence in everything we do and our attention is constantly on the research of the best technology solutions combined to the most functional natural ingredients, in order to give our clients high efficacy aesthetic remedies, safety and pleasantness in respecting the skin and its biological rhythms.


Our production is at the top of the World market thanks to the continuous research of quality and innovation and it includes innovative and technologically advanced devices and cosmetics, tested in Dermatological Clinics and in the best Beauty Centers in Italy and abroad.

Products created to guarantee great results in total safety.

Certified Italian Quality

All our cosmetic products and dietary supplements are registered at the Ministry of Health. All the technologies comply with the decree Law for aesthetics of 15th October 2015, n. 206. All the devices are CE certified.

Selenia Italia received in 2012 the prestigious Quality Mark IQNET SQS ISO 9001.

Since 2011 Selenia Italia is a FABIB member, the National  Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Devices for Beauty and Well-Being.

We don’t test our products on animals.