My Plate


Wellbeing, physical shape and beauty. The perfect combination!

Power to the movement!
A high quality oscillating platform that efficiently reproduces the natural vibrations the body is subjected to, acting in a beneficial way all over the body.

Health and beauty in a natural way
My Plate is indicated to improve blood circulation, articular mobility, muscles relaxation and simulates a real sporting activity. Thanks to the muscular gymnastic the whole body is stimulated to get the lost body shape back and to keep the metabolism active. It amplifies the results If used combined to training programs and beauty treatments since it make the body more receptive to aesthetic treatments.

Made in Italy style, quality and technology, designed to get the maximum benefits

The professional oscillating platform MyPlate represents the top in aesthetics also. Contained dimensions, modern and sober colors, unique and essential design make the MyPlate perfectly integrated in any environment. Gyms, beauty or wellness centers, hotels, yachts, offices or at home. MyPlate always provides wellbeing, relax, pleasure and a good body shape.

The forefront in matter of program and versatility of use

Using MyPlate is easy and intuitive thanks to the software and to the included training program, which can satisfy the needs of those individuals who want to get back in shape and feel good in their own body, improving their aspect and increasing their strength. An interactive guide in the wide display indicates, minute after minute, according to the training program selected, the frequency and the position to hold.


A wide range of training positions and the possibility of personalizing the session. It is possible to choose among 5 pre-set training categories: warming up, draining, shaping, toning and strengthening.

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