The future of aesthetics is in specialization

The professional training represents an essential part in the growth of the beautician and of its staff, it allows to be constantly updated and in line with the market continuous evolutions and to know the best techniques for using  the products and the technologies which evolve day by day and are always more performing.

We believe in respecting the skin, the need of restoring the biological functions of tissues, in effective but non-invasive aesthetic treatments, in real, serious, long lasting results achieved with innovative techniques to exalt beauty without creating traumas or discomfort to the customers.

We spread and promote an evolved professional culture, excellent in quality, oriented to the growth of people and of their business.

Technique, Method and Marketing
specific for the beauty centers

We developed and innovative training offer, differentiated and highly qualifying, with the aim of creating a new generation of beauticians, specialized and technically prepared to face the challenges of the modern market. Working methods created to supply a superior medical-scientific approach and modern aesthetics techniques that make the difference.

The training offered is completed by courses on operativeness and marketing strategies perfected for the beauty world and by the know-how necessary to conduct a business with success.

The best results are achieved with Method


All our courses are based on the holistic method called “Age Defense Strategy” based on the experience and on specific studies on Toxicology, Homeopathy and the most advanced Anti-Aging medicine to act on the rebalancing of the altered cutaneous metabolic functions and on restoring the endangered tissues functionality.

A non-invasive and innovative intervention strategy, which donates immediate visible and long lasting results, often comparable to those of advanced aesthetic medicine.

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