Selenia Space centers are beauty centers specialized in high-performing Anti-Aging face treatments and body remodeling treatments.

Each Selenia Space beauty center benefits from a strong aesthetic-scientific know-how developed by Selenia Italia over more than 25 years of activity and from working protocols studied and created by the technical team specifically for the best centers of professional aesthetic. Under the guide of the Company and with the technical training provided, these centers use the most advanced aesthetic technologies and the innovative method “AGE DEFENCE STRATEGY”. They offer high value aesthetic treatments to their clients and the results achieved are often similar to those given by aesthetic medicine treatments, in a comfortable way without invasiveness.


This is SELENIA SPACE slogan. Specific protocols for each investments, combined manual techniques, high-tech energies and ingredients combined to the treatments that revolutionize the concept of aesthetic treatment allowing the Center to distinguish itself from the majority of Beauty Centers. The aesthetic culture of SELENIA ITALIA “Healthy Beauty” expresses itself in the centers SELENIA SPACE®. Search of the maximum result, non-invasiveness, respect for the skin and its biological rhythms, treatment completeness, comfort, immediately visible and long lasting effects are just some of the characteristics of our treatments.

Specialized centers all over italy

The great visibility of SELENIA SPACE® centers is plain to all. On line reviews confirm the extraordinary products and treatments quality together with the satisfaction of the many clients who attend our centers. Selenia Italia promotes these Specialized Centers through specific advertising campaigns on national magazines, web sites, social networks and through other channels. This service proves to be a great help to promote the visibility of each SELENIA SPACE® center and the quality of the offered services, and to satisfy more and more clients.

Reserved Courses

The training of SELENIA SPACE® staff is reserved and addressed to constantly give advancement levels in techniques for face Anti-aging treatments and body Reshaping treatments, besides from other Marketing and Managing techniques in order to promote a center growth and competitiveness.

We are with you

Your clients are our clients too, for this reason we give you the maximum of our attentions, the best treatment opportunities, because you success is our success!

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