Detox Draining Metabolic Cream

Draining and detoxifying concentrate cosmetic specific for the treatment of infiltrated tissues. The composition with a high concentration of active substances favors the
blood microcirculation and the elimination of excess fluids thanks to a mix of
carefully selected active ingredients that counteract water retention and perform detoxifying, lipolytic, antioxidant actions. An excellent cosmetic that increases
capillary resistance and contributes to the reduction of toxins by improving hydration and elasticity of the skin.

CENTELLA ASIATICA: improves circulation, stimulating fibroblasts
HORSE CHESTNUT: increases the tone, resistance and elasticity of the vessels, favors drainage
BIRCH: draining properties, anti-cellulite, it is considered a natural anti-inflammatory
MELILOTUS: useful against cellulite, water retention and circulatory disorders
SAMBUCUS NIGRA FLOWER EXTRACT: anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, regenerative and nutritive properties
HYALURONIC ACID: moisturizing with a superficial and deep action
TOCOTRIENOLS: powerful antioxidants
TOCOPHEROL: antioxidant
ARGININE: repairer, anti-aging, moisturizing

Apply to affected areas and massage until completely absorbed.
Cosmetic product for external use only.

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