Firming regenerating metabolic cream

Firming and regenerating cosmetic concentrate specific for the treatment of
imperfections of atonic and devitalized tissues. It contains a complex rich in
high concentration active ingredients which perform antioxidant and antiglicant actions, efficient against skin aging. These ingredients stimulate regeneration, elasticity and skin toning, increasing its firmness, cutaneous elasticity and tone making them visibly more firmed and compact.


CAFFEINE: fights cellulite, increases metabolism and promotes lipolysis.
CENTELLA ASIATICA: improves circulation, stimulates fibroblasts
HORSE CHESTNUT: increases the tone, resistance and elasticity of the vessels, favors drainage of liquids
SAFFLOWER: restructuring, nourishing and emollient properties
CARNITINE: increases tone, elasticity and firmness of the skin
EUGLENA GRACILIS: activation of cellular metabolism, revitalizing
LIMNANTHES ALBA: antioxidant, elasticizing, prevents stretch marks
HYALURONIC ACID: moisturizer with deep and superficial actions.
TOCOTRIENOLS: powerful antioxidants
TOCOPHEROL: antioxidant
OLIVE OIL: nourishes and repairs stratum corneum
SHEA BUTTER: emollient, nourishing and moisturizing

Apply to affected areas and massage until completely absorbed.
Cosmetic product for external use only.


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