Dinamic Gel with Magnesium & Prolagen

Anti-Aging Gel Anti-Aging professional Gel expressly conceived to enhance and increase the performances of Onda Dinamica devices, allowing them to intensify the results. Its special formula containing Magnesium and Prolagen with multiple combined actions allows for the optimal conveyance of energies and the simultaneous deep action of active ingredients with anti-oxidative and protective properties to achieve maximum results against skin aging.
Magnesium, along with other elements such as Calcium, Iron and Potassium is an essential
substance for the proper functioning of the organism and it is involved in more than 300
enzymatic reactions. Its main functions are:
– Synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA.
– Cofactor in the reaction of glycolysis, which produces energy from glucose.
– Cofactor in the reaction of an urea process which is at the end of the protein metabolism.
– It conveys pulses to muscles helping them stretch.
– It tackles oxidative stress by trapping the free radicals.
– It contains the release of inflammation messengers, which accelerates the reactivity of
metabolism and prevents skin ageing.
– It increases deep hydration and keep the skin healthy, soft and tonic.
– It decreases wrinkles and skin reddening.
This formulation of selected peptides and proteins is conceived to tackle Collagen ageing process and degradation, in synergy with Magnesium. It acts on the three phases of Collagen life: synthesis, formation and degradation, reducing significantly the depth of wrinkles. It increases the density of the extracellular matrix.
The functional ingredients of this complex aim at increasing the synthesis of Collagen type I, III and IV collagen and at creating a tighter bond between collagen and Elastin fibers, which increases skin tone and elasticity.

PROLAGEN POOL contains ingredients that can inhibit the production of MMPs, which reduces the damages that they can cause to Collagen, especially in mature skins. It is also rich in TIMPs, substances that help inhibit the protein glycation and protect skin from the loss of elasticity.

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