Metabolic Serum Calming Hydrating

Sensitive, sore, dehydrated skin that is attacked by external agents sees in this product a powerful ally. Its ingredients are chosen among the most effective ingredients against sore skins and represent an active formula with lenitive, calming and hydrating properties. The texture allows a nourishing, hydrating, protecting action.

The serum can be applied on the skin and let absorb it with light touch maneuvers but it is conceived to be conveyed by electroporation, dermoporation or ultrasonic sonoporation. Its preservative, emulsifier free formula guarantees the maximum security and effectiveness when it comes to be combined with technologies.
100ml bottle
BISABOLOL – soothing
HYPERICUM LIPOIC EXTRACT – cicatrizing, calming
PANTOTHENIC ACID – It stimulates cells layers growth and has hydrating properties
VITAMIN E – anti-reddening, calming
SENSITIVE COMPLEX – soothing , immediate relief to the skin
 LIPOIC ACID- anti-glycation, antioxidant, anti-aging, UV filter
HYALURONIC ACID – provides superficial and deep hydration
TOCOPHERYL ACETATE – highly antioxidant
PHYTOSQUALANE FROM OLIVE OIL – nutrient and repairing for stratum corneum
ARGININE – repairing, hydrating, anti-ageing

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