The most complete technology Against Cellulite

X-Body ultra is the new technology created to give the best results in the fight against cellulite.

It’s special Onda Dinamica®  patented probe is combined to a Dermoporation probe to convey deeply those specific products used during the treatment in order to complete and enhance all the actions of the energies delivered.

The treatment vascularizes, de-fibrotizes, regenerates, relaxes and detoxifies at each session and it simultaneously performs an action for an hydrating, nutritive, anti-radicals and draining cosmetic stimulation.

The best for cutaneous stimulation!


All these energies are usually made one at the time session by session, but with this technology they are instead performed synergistically during each treatment, and this allows to obtain immediate visible effects and long lasting results.

Onda Dinamica® is one of the most efficient technologies to treat cellulite and fight body imperfections. With one single probe you can obtain superior results in half the time, compared to other technologies.

An innovative stimulation technique that combines simultaneously 3 conveyance energies in order to achieve very effective regenerative actions.  At the same time you can convey, de-fibrotize, microstimulate electrically, regenerate.

Truly Anti-Cellulite,
Truly Regenerative

19 Programs

Specific Anti-Cellulite, Anti-Fibrotic, Firming actions, differentiated by morphologic type and body area.
Tissues get more compact, the silhouette is remodeled, the skin is hydrated, tonic, pink and vital.

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