X-Epil Ice

Intense Pulsed Light & Electroepilation


X-Epil ice is the first technology which combines 2 different systems of epilation: Pulsed light and painless needle Electroepilation, designed and built to obtain great results on all types of skin and hair.


The two air removal systems are independent and can be used by the operator according to the need of the client, after a careful anamnesis, and they can act on all types of hair and body area, with high efficacy even on white hair.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

It acts according to the principle of selective  photothermolysis, causing an overheating of the hair bulb, which weakens the matrix cells and permanently inhibits the growth of new hairs.

IPL probe
The probe is cooled by water with a system of temperature control that guarantees comfort for the customer and working continuity to the operator, without any interruption.

Effective and Delicate
No matter what the type of energy used is, whether IPL or Radiothermolysis, you can split the spot emission in 1,2 or automatic flashes. This special function provides a gentle epilation, eliminating any annoying feeling that hypersensitive individual may feel.

Software X-Logic
X-Epil-ice is a complete and easy-to-use technology. The practical color display guides the operator in the choice of optimal functions in a fast and intuitive way. X-Logic software chooses the energy to supply according to the gender, body part, color of the skin, hair type and color, selecting the most efficient program without errors.


Flash: radiothermolysis current at 13,560 MHz with an emission in centseconds specific for the treatment of superficial hair.

Thermo: radiothermolysis current at 13,560 MHz with an emission in deciseconds of second specific for the treatment of deep and tough hair follicles.

Needle Electroepilation & Painless Permanent Epilation§
X-Epil Ice uses a latest generation Electroepilator to treat hair of different areas, colors and dimensions. Thanks to 2 possibility of working method and to an innovative high frequency current at 13.56 MHz, patients can get an extremely efficient epilation, with the utmost of comfort.

288 Electroepilation Programs
The 288 programs guarantee a safe and effective treatment. Programs are created according to the area to be treated, the depth of the bulb, the size of the hair and the type of current chosen.

A great success on any skin type, of any color!
With this type of epilation you can work on localized areas with little hairs, where working with pulsed light is not possible, achieving wonderful results. As an alternative, this system can be used at the end of treatments with pulsed light to effectively epilate resistant or white hairs that, due to their color or characteristics, didn’t give the expected results.

The result? A perfect epilation.

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