What to do in addition to anti cellulite treatments: 8 simple steps


Cellulite is always a problem, but with the beginning of summer it is even more visible and the market always proposes new techniques and products to fight it. Too often though even the best methods prove to be useless if we don’t change some daily habits that constitute some of the causes of cellulite. We have tried to identify some adjustments that will help you to make more efficient and longer lasting the action of  anti cellulite products and technologies to get over this kind of problem.


Many hypothesis have been made regarding the causes of this problem but today we have more knowledge about the different factors of such complex kind of imperfection that affects the majority of women, even if in different ways. The aggravation of body imperfections is today caused by sedentary lifestyle, a wrong diet rich in refined food and poor in natural fibers, with a high consumption of sugars and a lifestyle that often preclude the correct blood circulation.

So what we have to do against cellulite?

Here the 7 Efficient Actions to take against cellulite to improve your tissues:

1) Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, avoid high heels.

2) Follow an healthy diet, rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole-grain cereals (avoid fat and salty food).

3) Try to be the more active you can, also at work! For example use the stairs instead of the elevator, or avoid taking the car and have a walk!

4) Try to eliminate the use of tobacco and hard alcohols.

5) Drink a lot! Keep constantly hydrated in order to eliminate the extra liquids from your body. The use of depurative infuses every day will help you to stay hydrated and eliminate toxins and swelling.

6) Use specific anti cellulite cosmetics with anti-oxidant ingredients and anti-cellulite stimulators.

7) Use specific supplements to fight free radicals, to eliminate toxins and to fight premature aging during the period of the treatment.

8) Use a mix of cosmetic anti-cellulite treatments and treatments with innovative technologies regularly. The most efficient mix!

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